Management Team

Mr.Seriti Phate

Managing Director Close

Mr. Phate has more than 25 years post graduation experience in management of major project implementation as Managing Director of Tsoelopele Consultants and Contractors and positions in the management of Senqu Engineering Environment and Development Company (SEEDCO), and Deputy Director/ Director of Works and Maintenance at the National University of Lesotho (NUL).

Mr. Phate has participated in the design and implementation of many projects ranging from pure civil works to electrical, electro-mechanical and building projects. He is well experienced in feasibility studies and project management reviews as he coordinated the ORASECOM project on study of upper Senqu wetlands in the highlands of Lesotho. He did Lowlands Rural Water feasibly study and European Micro-projects Management review respectively.

He has experience in methodologies for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as he prepared EIA Guidelines for rural water supplies in Lesotho. His experience in management of infrastructure projects spans from rural water and sanitation interventions during his work as a District Engineer for the Department of Rural Water Supply (DRWS) to general infrastructure work involving roads, drainage, electrical installations, water and sewerage networks and treatment works, and larger building works as estate manager for the NUL, where he was responsible for the appointment, supervision and contract management for consultants and service providers.

Mr. Phate, in his capacity as the Chairman and Co-Managing Director of SEEDCO, Managing Director of TCC, Deputy Director/ Director of Works and Maintenance has managed the adjudication of claims, variation orders and recommended settlements. He has effectively managed several projects and applied his communication, interpersonal and leadership skills to best achieve the optimum results. One of the main strength that Mr. Phate has demonstrated is his skill to manage and monitor project risk and budget control which has always made him lead projects to successful completion. In addition to the qualification as an engineer, Mr. Phate has completed the first part of MBA.

Mr.Jens Vad

Director Close

Mr. Vad has 36 years of experience in the environment, water and sanitation sectors. The experience covers design and implementation of both rural and urban infrastructure with a focus on water aspects as well as institutional and private sector development, planning and design of integrated environmental, sanitation and health education programmes.

Experienced in capacity building programmes and in the development of manuals and guidelines for training and for project implementation. Mr Vad has extensive experience of institutional capacity building and has carried out a number of assignments related to institutional studies, functional analysis for public sector regulation functions, development of capacity building programmes, job descriptions, monitoring and public sector performance improvement programmes.

Mr.Thabang Tjabane

Director Close

Mr.Tjabane Mr Tjabane has 11 years’ experience in implementation of rural water supply. He worked with the Department of Rural Water Supply as the Principal Technical Officer where he was responsible for the preliminary survey design, detailed design costing and drawing of both the site plans and as-built drawing of the water supply projects Mr Tjabane has more than 10 years of experience in the field of architecture and contraction he is experienced in producing complete drawings of single story to double story buildings. He also supervises buildings from setting out to completion.

Mr.Thato Phate


Mr. Thato has 5years of experience in the field of Electrical and electronics engineering. His experience covers design and implementation of HV electrical power lines, LV power lines, research, electronics and digital system application, control systems, programing as well as institutional/educational roles in lecturing and supervision.