Health & Safety

We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment

At TCC we continually focus on enhancing our approach and commitment to health and safety in a number of areas, including demonstrating viable safety leadership, emphasising health and well-being, engaging employees in proactive safety reporting, and promoting awareness campaigns.

Determined by our people and values, our health & safety culture is built around core principles:

Genuine care and concern for our employees - Led by senior management and reflected by the actions of colleagues, all employees should recognise there is a real concern for their individual safety, health and overall wellbeing.

Pragmatic Solutions - Solutions are based on shared common values and common sense, rather than bureaucracy and too much safety theory.

Open Communication - Effective health and safety performance depends on efficient, blameless, and open communication, so staff can easily engage with and share safety lessons and ideas.

Integrated within the business - A sustainable company needs strong health and safety performance alongside good financial performance. Success comes when health and safety is integrated with day to day strategic processes, so it can be considered alongside all business objectives.

Shared Responsibility - Everybody has an important role to play in looking out for each other, as well as for themselves.

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