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TCC has carried out consultancy assignments in various sectors covering areas such as overall national strategic planning in the water sector; development of national guidelines for the use of PV systems; data collection and analysis in the water sector and in energy; design and construction supervision of water and sanitation projects as well as infrastructure and house construction projects. The TCC assignments have included technical assistance and training as well as the implementation of national M&E and GIS systems in the water sector.

The following are some of the major project TCC has completed over the years.

Project Name & Project Description

Client Name

Project ID

Start Date

End Date

Clinic Survey: Detailed site and building survey for 16 clinics and preparation of CAD drawings for site plan and building plans including water sewerage and electricity installations

Christian Health Association

of Lesotho (CHAL)

02-7 Jan 01, 2003 Jun 31, 2003
PV Code of Practice: Preperation of Code of Practice for Solar Photovoltaic Installations in Lesotho including design and installation guidelines, code of conduct for installers and technical specifications

Department of Energy (DOE)

03-1 Jul 05,2003 Dec 15,2003
Lowlands Feasibility Study: Demand assessment, source survey and preliminary designs in 225 villages as part of the feasibility study for the lowlands water supply project in Lesotho

Sechaba/ Parkman Consultants

04-3 May 12, 2004 Aug 05, 2004
Lowlands Feasibility Study - Review: Preparation of Concept Note for the Lesotho Lowlands Feasibility Study and action plan to follow-up on developments since the completion of the feasibility study in August 2004

Lowlands Water Supply Unit,

Commissioner of Water

04-13 May 19, 2005 Jun 01, 2005
Orasecom: Study of the wetlands in Lesotho to establish a protection and conservation action plan for sustaining the ‘Sponges’ as sources for the Orange Senqu river and provide a methodological approach for the sustainable management of the wetlands including training and capacity building of the population in the area.

PEMconsult Denmark

07-17 Jul 19, 2007 Jun 06, 2009
DRWS Designs Thaba-Tseka: Design of water supply for Ha Laka

Department of Rural

Water Supply (DRWS)

07-21 Feb 21, 2008 Aug 01, 2008
Strategic Financial Planning: Capacity building of water sector institutions in strategic financial planning including development of financial planning models to estimate investment needs and available resources in the water sector for the urban, rural and bulk water and sewerage systems. Collection and analysis of data and establishment of planning model

PEMconsult Denmark

08-21 Oct 17, 2008 Apr 30, 2010
TED ABR Design: Design of standard structures for various sizes of Anerobic Baffled Reactors (ABR) tanks for sewerage treatment. Preparation of structural designs and standard drawings

TED - Technologies for Economic

Development, Maseru

09-7 Aug 21, 2009 May 21, 2010
LEA Economic Survey:Socio-economic survey in 6 villages in Maseru districts on the energy use and possible impact of connection to the electricity grid.

Lesotho Electricity Authority

10-6 Apr 08, 2010 Jun 05, 2012
GLAAS: Collection and analysis of data on water and sanitation and preparation of submission to WHO of the Lesotho input to the GLASS Survey

Commissioner of Water

10-17 Jul 19, 2010 Jun 05, 2012
WS Interim Strategy: Consultation with water sector institutions and developing and editing the Interim (2-year) strategy for the water and sanitation sector in Lesotho

Commissioner of Water

10-19 Apr 08, 2010 Jun 05, 2012
EU Visibility:Preparation of presentation materials for EU support to the water sector


11-3 May 30, 2011 Jun 05, 2012
Metolong Livelihoods: Needs assessment and plans for livelihoods support to communities affected by the Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme

Metolong Authority/

11-6 Sept 30, 2011 Jun 05, 2012
WHO Consultancy: Consultancy for preparation of the GLAAS annual report on water and sanitation in Lesotho


11-16 Jan 17, 2011 Jun 05, 2012
DR Mokitimi's World Vision Consultancy1: Evaluation of World Vision development projects

World Vision

11-20 Nov 04, 2011 Jun 05, 2012
DR Mokitimi's World Vision Consultancy2: Evaluation of World Vision development projects

World Vision

11-21 Feb 14, 2012 Jun 05, 2012
Water Commission - Long Term Strategy: Development of long term strategy for water and sanitation in Lesotho

PEMconsult Denmark

13-1 Jun 05, 2012 Jan 18, 2013
Metolong WATSAN: Design and Supervision of 80 water and sanitation projects for communities in the Metolong Dam area

PEMconsult Denmark

13-2 Jun 05, 2012 Feb 18, 2013
SADC Project: Studies of Water Sector Financing and of Indignious Methods of dealing with climate change/ water management for SADC water division


13-13 Jun 05, 2012 Sept 16, 2013
MCC Upgrading of Lefikeng-Kofi Ann: Provision of consulting services for upgrading of Lefikeng to Kofi Annan


15-14 Nov 28, 2015 Jul 01, 2019
Metolong Spervision WATSAN: Supervision for rural water supply and sanitation Phase 2

Metolong Authority

15-16 Nov 29, 2015 Jan 26, 2018
SMEC/Lowlands Water Sup: Lowlands Infrastructure and detailed design review


16-10 May 01, 2016 Aug 02, 2017
DRWS M and E GIS: Technical support on design and implementation of monitoring and Evaluation and Geographic Information System


17-5 Jul 05, 2017 Nov 16, 2019
DRWS-Taining of Trainers: Consultancy services for Training of Trainers on Water Supply, Sanitaion and Hygiene Education


17-06 Jul 09, 2017 May 10, 2019
CREDIFF:1 and 2: WASCO Water Demand Management & Climate resilient infrastructure development facility


17-8 Jul 10, 2017 Jul 11, 2019
NUL School of Engineering: Designs of School of Engineering and Built Environment at National University of Lesotho (NUL)


18-9 Nov 21, 2018 Sept 22, 2019