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We have expertise in these areas



The expertise of the core members of TCC includes development of guidelines for environmental impact assessments, planning, review and appraisals of urban environmental projects, planning of environmental monitoring and development of environmental infrastructure.



TCC has over the last 10 years developed expertise in the design and implementation of infrastructure projects all over Lesotho from the Lowlands to the inaccessible areas in the Mountains. The emphasis has been on housing, electricity, water and sanitation however TCC professionals cover all aspects of infrastructure development including drainage and roads.



TCC has developed expertise in the implementation of projects for electrical distribution networks and street lighting as well as the design and implementation of stand-alone electricity supply based on generators and photo-voltaic systems. The expertise of the core members of TCC include all power sector issues, ranging from the national level utility reforms, to assessment of hydro-power potential and to the detailed level of design and implementation of networks and stand-alone systems.


Water Supply

The TCC expertise includes all the stages of implementation of water supplies, from the initial interaction with the end users to determine the need and feasibility studies including water resource assessments to detailed planning and design including hydro-geological studies, borehole drilling supervision, detailed design, construction and/or construction supervision and commissioning and training in management and operation and maintenance.



The TCC core members have experience in design and implementation of sanitation facilities, from on site systems e.g. household and institutional latrines to planning and implementation of sewerage systems including biogas treatment of effluent. The experience includes planning and implementation of hygiene education programmes and promotion of latrines.


Institutional Development

The expertise of the core member of TCC range from practical capacity development in the form of implementation of specific training programmes to overall policy development, institutional assessment, monitoring, functional analysis and development of programmes for organisational development. The capacity development expertise ranges from working with individuals to development of national public sector organisations as well as private sector development programmes


Decentralized Sewerage Systems,Biogas & Water Recycling

TCC has designed and implemented sewerage systems for educational institutions in Lesotho. The Systems provide water treatment and recycling of water for flushing toilets using separate collection pipe network for wash water and toilet effluent with decentralised water treatment technologies such as Biogas Reactors, Anaerobic Baffled Reactors (ABR) and Planted Gravel Filters. The treated water is pumped to a high-level reservoir and re-used for low-flush toilets and watering fields.

Our Services

The TCC services cover the whole cycle from consultancy assignments for planning and design of infrastructure and services; to construction of projects; and provision of maintenance services on water and energy infrastructure.